Thursday, January 24, 2008

The 2008 Taipei Game Show, organized by the Taipei Computer Association (TCA), started at Taipei World Trade Center today and ends next Monday (January 28). World-class gaming experts, governmental officials, and companies from the digital content industry gathered there for trade opportunities and to experience exchanging in the gaming industry.

Before the opening of the 2008 Taiwan Digital Contents Forum, Minister of Economic Affairs of the Republic of China Steve Ruey-long Chen, looked on a bright side of the gaming industry and said to executives and media: “We (the public) witnessed the grown up of gaming industry as digital content industry brought up value of production on retail and arcade games and indirectly brought up the population of gaming people in Taiwan.”

Before that comment by Steve Chen, the 2008 Taiwanese Cyber-Gaming Competition was set up by the organizer and Industry Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs, supervisor of the “Digital Content Development Project in Taiwan”. The organizer said he hopes this competition can market MIT (Made in Taiwan) games to the world and directly discover gaming talents and developers.

Not only did officials and executives come, but the TCA, Taipei Orphans Welfare Association, and Taiwan Gaming Industry Association also held special charity biddings to help orphan kids in Taiwan. At this special event, the TCA invited Shih-yuan Chou, Sean Hsing-an Chen, Chih-chung Chen, Wen-ting Tseng, and Hsueh-lin Li as the charity ambassadors.

Even with the weather on the down side in Taipei, nearly 10,000 people visited the show. According to the TCA, the peak number of visitors are expected to be on the weekend after several entertainers and sports-people made their stops at the show earlier.