Auto Security Alarm Systems: Convenience And Insurance Savings}

Auto Security Alarm Systems: Convenience and Insurance Savings


Brad Seabourne

While automobiles have long been available with many add-ons, few are as convenient and beneficial as car alarms and remote car starters and car keyless entry systems. These automobile upgrades offer not only convenience, but they provide safety as well.

Your car’s security system can be the difference between scaring a thief or having a stolen car. If there are signs of a security system, the thief might think twice. If a thief does break into your car, the loud alarm will normally scare them away.

Even when one has an auto policy which covers theft, one still has to endure the seemingly endless hassle of placing a claim. Wouldn’t it be better to avoid that and not have to meet a deductible either? You also have to figure that your vehicle has depreciated, as your insurer would be quick to point out, and it’s now almost surely worth less than it would cost you to replace it.

Many times, insurance companies use a preset value, according to the big-name value books, to set a price for your car. However, after years of use and miles, your car becomes less valuable, so if it does get stolen you may not get as nice of a car as you had.

Auto security alarm systems may save your money even if your car never gets stolen, because of the way car insurance companies set their prices for coverage. Certain factors, such as air bags and other auto safety features, mean you pay lower insurance premiums. The same is true with auto security alarm systems. Since you are at less risk of having your car stolen, you will not pay as much for your insurance.

Remote car starters are a top rated convenience item when it comes to automobile options, though they don’t offer the same safety features of other add-ons. The remote car starter makes life much easier if you live in an area of either extreme heat or cold. Instead of suiting up in your heavy coat and winter boots, the keyless ignition system gives you the option of starting your car without leaving the comfort of your living room.

The same can be said of car keyless entry systems: they may not be necessary safety features, but they sure are convenient. Gone are the days of locking your keys in your car. It’s no big deal if you have a keyless entry system – just punch in a code and your doors will open for you!

Adding a few upgrades to your car is easy with all the available options today that make your life simpler, safer, and less expensive. Save yourself a headache or two in addition to the lower cost insurance with auto security alarm systems, and make your life more convenient with keyless entry systems or a remote car starter.

You can add countless upgrades to your car, but some of the most useful are

car alarms and remote car starters


car keyless entry system


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Gps Tracking Takes A Draconian Turn Thanks To Us Court Decision}

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GPS Tracking Takes a Draconian Turn Thanks to US Court Decision



Imagine a society where law enforcement authorities have free reign in listening to peoples conversations, watching every move, and recording where and when a person goes to without any knowledge they are being monitored and tracked at all. Sounds eerie, doesnt it? Well, this draconic Big Brother scenario might not be a remote possibility right now following a recent decision by the California Federal Court of Appeals to uphold unwarranted use of GPS tracking devices by federal agents on a drug conviction case.

The defendant in question was Juan Pineda-Moreno was convicted of drug trafficking after federal agents allegedly placed hidden GPS trackers on his Jeep even without an issued search warrant to do so. Pineda-Moreno appealed to the Federal Court but was rejected on grounds that the agents placed these GPS tracking devices when the vehicle was on public property.

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Why should you, an ordinary law-abiding citizen, be concerned about developments from this seemingly isolated case? For one thing, this incident is a direct violation of the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution — the only firewall people have against warrantless use of GPS tracking devices by police, federal agents and other government authorities.

What this simply means for you is that the police cannot just go out and place any type of hidden tracker on your vehicle or property without a warrant or without you knowing about it. Imagine the implications it would have on you should law enforcement officials or private investigators have free access to your vehicles just because it was parked on public property. That would be a total invasion of your privacy, a thing that many people are trying to protect in a world where spy-like tools are available in the market and at wholesale prices!

The only way to combat technology is to counter it with the same technology through the use of GPS jammers. Whether the courts uphold the 4th Amendment or not in relation to the use of warrantless GPS tracking devices nothing can stop a person from ordering and buying a GPS tracker, throw it into your car, then track and record where you are going all without your knowledge.

Although the purchase of GPS jammers is still restricted within the United States, anyone can order these devices from international wholesale suppliers and get them the next day. However, you should practice discretion if you should decide on importing a GPS jammer from one of these international wholesalers. It would be best to learn any stipulations or restrictions in your own locality before making any decision to purchase.

In the meantime, civic rights groups continue their appeal on US courts to totally reject unwarranted use of GPS tracking devices by private parties and law enforcement agencies. They are very adamant in restricting use of GPS tracking devices by law enforcement authorities to track people only after obtaining a valid search warrant for a judge.

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GPS tracking

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GPS Tracking Takes a Draconian Turn Thanks to US Court Decision }