4 Sites To See On A Bike Tour In Denver}

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4 Sites to See on a Bike Tour in Denver


Jordan Rocksmith

Denver is home to many outdoor enthusiasts, which is little surprise, given the beautiful surrounding mountains, lakes, and other scenery. So if you really want to get a taste of Denver, you shouldn’t do it from the inside of a vehicle or tour bus; you should take a bike tour instead, so that you can experience the great outdoors that Denver is known for while taking in the sites in and around the city. Here are 4 sites that you should try to see while you’re bike touring Denver, CO.

Mount Evans

This bike ride is not for the casual rider. This will be a long and rather difficult ride, but if you’re an avid cyclist, it is well worth the effort. Many people choose to drive along the scenic byway and up to Mount Evans, but you can have an even better experience by doing it on a mountain bike.

Take in the crisp, fresh mountain air as you take in the beautiful views all around Mount Evans. Take a few bike trails if you’re feeling adventurous and want to go off-road. If you need a break, there are beautiful vistas and even a tranquil lake that you can stop at to catch your breath.

You could spend days biking around Mount Evans and still not see everything there is to see. At the very least, you should set aside the majority of one day to take in this glorious ride.

Washington Park

This public park is located right in the city, giving a taste of the outdoors in the middle of bustling Denver. It is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. You’ll find joggers, cyclists, parents with children, people playing fetch with the dogs, and couples having picnics all around the beautiful lake that is the centerpiece of this park.

Hop on your bike and take a tour around the park on a sunny day. You can choose to take a short ride around one side of the park, or take a long ride all around the lake. The choice is up to you.

Cherry Creek Bike Path

If you’re looking for a fun, leisurely way to tour almost the entire city by bike, the Cherry Creek Bike Trail is the way to go. This trail especially for joggers and cyclists winds through most of the city. You can ride for as long or as short as you wish, and the trail passes many convenient stops along the way, such as the Modern Art Museum. You can make a full day of this trail, making as many stops as you want on your ride.

If you are looking for a longer ride, the Cherry Creek Bike Path joins up with the South Platte River Bike Path, then the Hi Line Path, and then circles back to the Cherry Creek Bike Path. The whole trip will take you about 5 hours for a leisurely ride.

Elitch Gardens

Elitch Gardens is one of the top entertainment destinations in Colorado. While you may not be able to ride your bike through this amusement park, it is well worth getting off your bike for a day to enjoy this Denver hot spot. Elitch Gardens is 69 acres of fun, with dozens of roller coaster rides to keep you entertained all day–or for several days, if you have the extra time.

Whether you’re on vacation with a group of college buddies, or you’re taking your family to Denver, this amusement park has something for everyone. And when you’re finished with the roller coasters, you can hop back on your bike and continue bike touring Denver, CO.

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4 Sites to See on a Bike Tour in Denver